Exploring Oslo

Have you thought about choosing a word to guide you through the year rather than making New Years resolutions? Let me tell you about my word and where it has taken me already in 2017

A few of my friends had told me that choosing a word to guide them through the year has proven much more helpful than making lists of things to do. After all, if we aspire to slow mindful living the last thing we want is another list to stress us out!

I wasn’t sure about this though and every word I thought of just didn’t seem to fit. EXPLORE came to me in a flash of inspiration and I realised that it sums up exactly what I want to do.

EXPLORE to me means opening up to new ideas, new people, new places …

I started the year with a trip to Oslo with my two daughters. I’ve always wanted to visit Norway and I’m so happy that I did.

A boat trip around Oslo Fjord was a must. It was cold in January but the boat was equipped with blankets to wrap up in. There was a heated indoor room where refreshments were served throughout the two hour trip, including glogg which I had never tried before It’s a bit like mulled wine and very warming.

There are so many little islands on the Fjord. The houses are very pretty and many of them have their own bathing huts like the two little red painted buildings on the shore in the picture above. The houses rarely come up for sale as traditionally they have been passed from one generation to the next.

We took a 20 minute train trip outside Oslo to see the Olympic Ski Jump at Holmenkollen. It was worth the trip just to see the pretty snow covered villages on the train journey there. The skiing area was so pretty and the ski jump is spectacular.

The sun sets at around 3.30 in the afternoon in January. The sunsets are stunning. They gradually turn from golden to pink, purple and orange and on the day of our visit to the ski slope a rosy pink glow was cast across the snow.

The next day we had a wander in the parks around the Royal Palace. It was amazing how close we could get to the actual building. It was a misty morning with snow laying on the ground. The elaborate lights were switched on and it looked quite magical looking from the palace towards Oslo’s centre.

In the afternoon before our return to the UK we visited Grunerlokka, a lively district with lots of coffee shops and vintage stores. It’s known for the wall art that covers many of the buildings.

If, like me, you aspire to slow living this is definitely somewhere to consider for your next break. In spite of being a capital city, the roads are quiet and the pace of life is slower. I can’t wait to plan another trip.

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