A visit to Lyveden New Bield, Northamptonshire

The intriguing unfinished mansion of Lyveden New Bield is a must see and a great day out with something for everyone. Find out why this beautiful structure remains unfinished since the builders left in the 1600s.

I visited this glorious place on an afternoon in April. Turning in to the approach road there was yellow as far as the eye could see.

The unfinished mansion looms large against the sky as you follow the signs to reception and the cottage tea rooms.

After snapping away at this sight I made my way to the cottage for a cream tea.

Then on to explore the building …

Through the little archway and into the hollow, roofless building …

The stories of Lyveden unfold as you travel through the building and grounds.

In the shape of a cross, the building was designed as a symbol of the catholic faith of the Tresham family.

Sir Thomas Tresham died in 1605 leaving extensive debts. His son, Francis Tresham was implicated in the Gunpowder Plot and executed in the Tower of London. Francis’ wife tried to look after the estate for his younger brother but eventually the family wealth dwindled and the mansion was never finished.

The gardens are an idyllic piece of England. They are not only fascinating to history lovers as an example of Elizabethan garden design but just as a lovely place to wander and enjoy the English countryside.

Children will love the bug hotel ! This one was finished!

I hope you enjoyed this quick tour of Lyveden and that it’s inspired you to visit!

You can see more of my photos on Instagram.

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