My London: Winter 2018

Since January 2017, I’ve been using the word Explore as a guiding principle for the way I live my life. To me, Explore means meeting new people, learning new things and visiting new places. I find exploring in this way really opens the mind, allows creativity to blossom and creates a great work life balance.

Today I’m sharing photos from my visits to London so far this year to meet up with Makelight members.  Makelight is a community founded by Emily Quinton and her husband, Stef.  Members have common interests in photography and creativity.

January 2018: Makelight Gathering, Bourne and Hollingsworth

The Bourne and Hollingsworth Building in Clerkenwell was the ideal setting for a relaxed lunch in the conservatory style room. There’s plenty of soft seating, floral displays and a roaring fire making it perfect for January’s focus on portrait photography. Let me introduce you to a few of the members.


Main picture above: Emily, Makelight’s founder, is pictured with Louise. You can find Louise’s beautiful photos on her Instagram gallery.

Top right: Louise with Louise who runs two small businesses, Hello Party and Design Angel.

Bottom right above: Vaani, a baker, who runs Sugar Plum Bakes Kingston producing beautiful cakes and biscuits.


Main picture above: Kathryn who specialises in all things London as well as being a talented photo stylist. Kathryn has a beautiful Instagram gallery.

Top right: Kate from Grace and Flora. Kate crafts gorgeous nature inspired jewellery which is available from her Etsy store.

Middle right: Sally from How Fine Designs produces handmade bespoke contemporary silver jewellery. This year Sally is making bespoke Word of the Year Silver Rings.

Bottom right: Kaye photographs art, books and flowers and runs the Instagram hashtag #myseasonalstory Kaye is also a brand ambassador for Bloom and Wild.

Above:  Me, taken by Kathryn.  It was strange to be on the other side of the lens but Kathryn was so good at putting me at ease that I really enjoyed the little photo shoot.

February 9th: Afternoon tea at Bea’s of Bloomsbury

Bea’s opened it’s doors in Bloomsbury in 2008 with the vision of creating a venue that is truly part of the neighbourhood. Their aim is for their customers to see their lovely space as their living room and that is exactly how it felt.  We could not have had a warmer welcome.

You can just see some early signs of Spring above the shop window.

8a blog180209 Makelight (5)

I spent an hour or so before we met exploring the area, including a visit to the amazing booksellers, Daunt Books.


February 2018: Makelight Photo Walk, Chelsea and the Kings Road

Kathryn organised a Chelsea photo walk. It was full of pastel and bright colourful houses.  In true Makelight tradition and just when we thought things couldn’t get more photogenic, Kathryn supplied a huge bouquet of pink tulips as a photo prop.


Above left: The Instagram famous Chelsea pink door with the word ‘Love’ inscribed above it (you can find a photo of the whole door on the One Purl Row Instagram gallery).  Kaye is modelling her One Purl Row fingerless mittens.

Above right: We couldn’t resist taking this photo against this beautifully contrasting doorstep.

12 180213 London (1)

Above: a row of pretty pastel houses.

Below: a glimpse of Chelsea life.

March 2018: Makelight Gathering, Notting Hill

After a lunch in Kensington we took off for Notting Hill and took shelter from the rain at Farm Girl, where you can sample Australian café culture. There’s a pretty courtyard and lots of opportunity for photos.

Pictured below is the Rose Latte with rose petals and the blue Butterfly Matcha with almond milk.  Yes, of course there were pink tulips and balloons!


15 Blog 180310

Above, Kathryn in pastels and wearing her One Purl Row scarf!



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