Balliol College, University of Oxford

Today I’m sharing a few photos from my visit to Balliol College.

Balliol College is one of the oldest colleges in the world.  In 1260 Bishop, John de Balliol rented a house on the current site and paid for 16 poor scholars to reside there.  After his death his widow made the arrangement permanent.  These were the foundations upon which this place of learning were made.

When I visited the wisteria cladding the ancient golden walls were just coming into bud.

In a busy, bustling City this is a great place of calm where you can just sit down and enjoy the beautiful landscaped gardens, wander around the ancient buildings or enjoy refreshments in the Buttery.

My favourite area is the wild flower garden.

What an inspiration this place must have been to it’s impressive list of scholars through the years including novelists Aldous Huxley, Graeme Green and Nevil Shute.

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