The Magic of Peonies Workshop

June has been a lovely month so far. Peonies have helped considerably.

In January I was inspired by Makelight to choose a word to guide me through the year, instead of or as well as New Year’s Resolutions.

My word for 2017 is Explore.

To me, Explore means meeting new people, learning new things and visiting new places. I find exploring in this way really opens the mind, allows creativity to blossom and creates a great work life balance.

Today I’m talking about my day with Hazel Shaw (florist and floral photographer) of Eden Blooms and Janne Ford (photographer and content creator) at their June floral workshop day at Dutchmasters Flower Wholesalers.

Below is one of Hazel’s arrangements. Janne had loads of photo styling inspiration for ways to photograph it.

The peonies were so beautiful and we each chose our own blooms and greenery to make an arrangement, under Hazel’s careful supervision. This is mine (made with lots of help from Hazel) photographed against the backdrop of the surrounding countryside.

I had to have a ‘cliche’ Instagram shot ! This one was taken by Andrea @littlefamilylondon

I had such fun joining in with Andrea and Vaani (@sugarplubakeskingston) styling these outdoor shots.

Some of you may recognise this little floral suitcase! Vaani supplied some pretty pink cupcakes to compete the picnic scene. (They ‘may’ not have lasted long after the photo shoot — they were scrumptious).

I met some wonderful ladies including knitwear and embroidery kit designer Nicky Barfoot and Makelight member and photographer Maxine Mason.

I am always so excited to receive a goody bag. This one was a brown paper bag with my name stamped on it. There were cornflower seeds from @higgledygarden, tea bags in the shape of clouds from @teaheritage and a pink biscuit with some very apt words on it from @thekitschhen

I arrived home with happy memories, some new skills, new friends, a goody bag and an arrangement of peonies. I had definitely been exploring.

Below is some of the faffing that has happened since the workshop!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and it’s inspired you! There are so many wonderful places to see — whether it’s something local or far away. There is so much to learn and so many new people to meet.

If you would like to see more of my photos I would love to see you on Instagram.

If you would like to know about the One Purl Row products visit the Etsy store.

Stay safe and cosy until the next time.

Yvonne x

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