Ideas: gifts for knitters

Do you ever get stuck thinking of good ideas for gifts for knitters? You have come to the right place. In this post you’ll find lots of ideas that will delight a knitter but that won’t break the bank.

Printables for knitters

I have made some images that you can download from the Etsy store for a few pounds. The images can be used to print on anything you want. They’re commonly known as printables. Use them to create unique knitter gifts. There area few ideas below.

Knitter tote bags

Knitters need bags. They need them to organise and store yarn. They need them to keep everything together for the project their working on. Many knitters have more than one project on the go at any one time. So knitters need alot of bags.

To get started:

  • choose the image
  • Etsy will send you a link where you can download it
  • Choose a print supplier to print your image onto a tote bag

That’s it! You have your knitters’ tote bag.

Coasters and mugs

Knitters need a caffeine hit from time to time!

You can use your downloaded image to print on coasters and mugs.


Yarn is must have for any knitter – although you can knit with twine or cut up T-shirts! But most knitters will use yarn. A gift of yarn is always welcome! When buying yarn, think about what it will be used for. I have made the mistake of buying one skein or one ball of yarn and then never having quite the right project to use it up. Some yarn is so gorgeous, if your knitter is like me, it is just nice to admire and stroke from time to time!

If you want to be sure that the yarn will come in useful the best thing to do is to choose a pattern first. I have a number of patterns for small projects that only require one or two balls of yarn.

I purchase most of my yarn and needles from LoveCrafts It’s quick and easy and the delivery is reliable. I can highly recommend them (this is not an affiliate link. I genuinely love this online store). I also buy from local indie yarn dyers. Most recently I’ve bought yarn from Castleview Yarns.

Think about the difficulty level of the pattern too. Most of my patterns come with a link to a video so that knitters who are visual learners can follow along more easily.

Craft room wall art

Your printable can be used to print posters for a craft room or any room in the home where knitting takes place.

Create a knitting hamper

You could create a kind of knitting hamper by filling your printed tote bag with a pattern and yarn. You could even add a printed coaster and mug.

Add a card

Your printable can also be used to create print a gift card so you can add a message to your gift.

I hope this has given you some useful ideas to create beautiful gifts for the knitters in your life.

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